AERBORNE uno ground control station


Short-range anti-drone solution

The WASP is a small size platform designed for counter drone operations. Its principal mission is to detect and track rogue drones and neutralise the threats using kinetic defeat.

Wasp is a light-weight high-speed micro unmanned aerial racer, to be derived from the well-known Aeraccess Hawkeye MKI, for anti-drone operations.

The small size of Wasp allows high maneuverability to intercept any micro- or mini-drone. Its speed enables a kinetic effect to hit and neutralize the target.

Integrated in a counter UAV system, Wasp rallies the coordinates of the designation and acquires optically the target. Its hardware and software designed to measure calculates the interception point and conducts the neutralization by hitting the target.

With its light logistical weight and compact size, Wasp is ready to take off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to carry out any interception with just a few seconds' notice.

Using a MESH secured network, Wasp is fully integrated within any counter-drone system through an encrypted AES 256 datalink & video transmission. It can also operate in GPS-denied environment in line of sight conditions and is resistant to cyber-attacks.

Wasp operates in all weather, all locations. Designed as an isolated anti-drone response, Wasp is also the initial technological building block for drone-swarm.

AERBORNE uno ground control station

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