AERBORNE uno ground control station


Tethered Q800X or HawkEye helps authorities monitor crowd management, public safety operations, disaster zones, crisis monitoring and more, As critical assets for continuous security and surveillance operations, our tethered systems provide day and night surveillance in all wethear conditions.

AERBORNE uno ground control station


Search and rescue, fire, CBRNe crisis, disaster management. Deployable in seconds on the field, the HAWKER Q800X and Hawkeye UAS provide first responders quick assessment of the situation. EOIR payloads, IMSI Catcher, and other sensors like loud speakers, laser illuminators improve safety and save time during operations.

AERBORNE uno ground control station


With high resolution mapping capabilities and thermal imaging for rescue operations, the Q800X and HawkEye provides unique capabilities for disaster management operations. While ground units are cannot access remote places, while weather conditions are extreme, the Q800X airborne solution enables damage assessmentwith immediate response.

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