Limitations to C-UAS systems on the market.

Dedicated Counter-UAS (C-UAS) systems do exist and are currently operational. Many of them are based on detecting the datalink between the operator and the drone, and intervention is performed by jamming, spoofing or manipulating this datalink. This concept works as long as the drone is dependent on a datalink and the C-UAS system recognises the signals. When the drone is operating autonomously (thus not requiring a datalink), this concept will not be effective.

SMDR2® allows you to monitor an axis, a border, a forest, a mobile construction site, a pipeline, a large urban or open-air space, to see and know what's happening in the area, understand and control the situation, know the threats and anticipate events.

Rapidly deployable (less than 10 minutes), it is autonomous and discreet, capable of monitoring large areas, detecting activities in the surveillance zone, and assisting in the recognition and identification of potential threats. The system is adaptable to all types of single- and double-cab pickup vehicles.

SMDR2® comprises mast with a height (deployed) of 6.8m for 360° visibility with camera, equipped with an optional azimuth position unit that enables the radar to cover 360°;

- an electro-optical system comprising a thermal camera (infrared) with continuous magnification and a day/night camera;

an electronically scanned Doppler radar with a radar scan angle of 90° in azimuth and 20° in inclination

Once the mast is folded up and the sensors stowed in the specially designed box (with foam cushioning), it blends into the landscape or traffic and goes unnoticed! This new storage concept allows the 4×4 vehicle to retain its mobility and off-road capabilities.

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