AERBORNE uno ground control station



The BUZZARD UAS is a quadcopter small size loitering munition, allowing vertical take-off, landing and hovering in the air. It gives end-users new capabilities in conducting operations on the modern battlefield.

The BUZZARD has been designed to operate in jammed environment and harsh weather conditions to carry combat operations in both open and urban areas.

Short-range tactical loitering munition

Beyond line of sight targeting

This micro loitering munition is set with a FPV dual EOIR.

Buzzard operates in all weather, all locations and provides on-demand light offensive support to enhance force fire power and mitigate operational risk to the ground unit.

Fully integrable in an anti-drone defense system, Buzzard can, if needed, neutralize any target on the ground.

AERBORNE tablet ground control station


1. The GK-1 HEAT high explosive anti-tank-fragmentation warhead is designed to destroy tanks (from the upper hemisphere) and armoured combat vehicles.

2. The GTB-1 FAE thermo-baric warhead is designed to destroy light armoured vehicles, bunkers or shelters, as well as to destroy terrain infrastructure and equipment such as radar stations and rocket launchers.

3. The GO-1 HE high explosive-fragmentation is a warhead with a wide range of applications that can effectively hit targets such as light armoured vehicles and troopers.

4. The training (GO-1 HE-TP) and inert (GO-1 HE-TR) warheads are designed to train system operators in the scope of foreground observation, guidance and performance of training fire tasks.

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