UAS Cutting-edge technologies

UAS Cutting-edge technologies

AERBORNE develops new counter UAS solutions for civil and military applications. During the last years, several types of counter UAS solutions has been introduced on the market.

Most of the solution are based on smart electromagnetic jamming and RF neutralisation, using radar, acoustics and cameras for detection.

However, rogue drones are also getting more smarter with technology evolving at high speed. Commercial off the shelf rogue drones are getting more complex, and can now navigate without GPS, and fly with any radio frequency or RF signal, resulting in a big issue for counter drone solutions.

Another critical issue is how to manage a fleet orswarm of rogue drone attacking at the same time. It has been demonstrated that there exist multiple ways that rogue drones can bypass CUAS RF effects solutions and cause real theats to civilian and military safety.

AERBORNE provides a full range of drone that can defeat rogue drone when existing RF jammers cannot neutralise the threats.

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