AERBORNE uno ground control station

The BUZZARD UAS is a quadcopter small size loitering munition, allowing vertical take-off, landing and hovering in the air. It gives end-users new capabilities in conducting operations on the modern battlefield.

The BUZZARD has been designed to operate in jammed environment and harsh weather conditions to carry combat operations in both open and urban areas.

AERBORNE uno ground control station


The NanoHawk in an indoor intelligence platform designed to provide the Special Forces indoor capabilities during intervention. It employs peripheral avoidance sensors and artificial intelligence to fly in congested spaces.

The NanoHawk is used in hostage crisis by law enforcement. Special Forces also use indoor UAS for urban warfare and intervention in confined spaces. The System uses collision avoidance sensors and data fusion with vision that allows semi-autonomous flying in confined spaces inside buildings.

With capaility to carry explosives, it is used as a munition indoor.

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