Unmanned Aircraft Systems in order to protect and ensure safety during missions, we have developped a range of product to answer those needs.

AERBORNE nanohawk defense uav


The NanoHawk and SparrowHawk are indoor UAS used in hostage crisis by law enforcement. Special Forces also use indoor UAS for urban warfare and intervention in confined spaces. The System uses collision avoidance sensors and data fusion with vision that allows semi-autonomous flying in confined spaces inside buildings. Antipiracy applications using the NanoHawk provide endusers tool to move up to 3 storeys inside ships. The nanohawk can get upstairs or downstairs several floors inside metallic environment.

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Hawker Q800X has been tested and proven for missions ahead of ships in deep sea to detect naval mines. With thermal sensors and ability to fly in 80kph wind conditions, the Q800X can fly  upto 30km distance for reconnaissance missions.

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Small size and light weight , the HawkEye MK I provides immediate critical aerial
imagery and video for dismounted troops around the hill or over the wall. With EOIR sensors and 20+ min flight time per battery, the system is deployed immediately  with GPS waypoint autonomous navigation or even GPS denied.

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AERBORNE hawkeye convoy security


As scout patrol ahead of the convoy, the HawkEye MK I provides advanced reconnaissance for the convoy protection. the HawkEye allows deployment from inside armoured vehicle. The objectives are to spot any danger or ambush and either deal with it or stop or reroute the convoy and warn them of the obstruction or danger.

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